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  • Avoid the hassle of trying to resell your tickets through auction sites, or other, where you have to monitor pricing, respond to inquiries and meet with prospective buyers.
  • pays TOP dollar for popular events and buys your tickets outright. That means you know exactly how much you will get for your tickets and your payment will be available immediately.
  • No need to worry about when or if your tickets will sell and for how much. makes it easy to resell your tickets with confidence, competitive pricing, and without the hassle.

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Please complete and submit the form below or call 1-888-948-8484, If you have any questions. Please be sure to have handy or include the event, location, date, section, row, seat numbers and desired price. A Purchasing Agent will contact you within two business days if there is interest in acquiring your tickets. cannot accept every offer that is made to us to sell, but if we do agree to buy your tickets, we purchase them outright. We do not make you list your tickets and then wait weeks to find out if they sold, and at what price.

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