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Ticket Glossary

Aisle Seats - An aisle seat is located on the aisle of any section. Such seats are typically desirable as they allow for easy settling and rapid egress from the section.

Badge - An item which symbolizes that its bearer has the authority to access an event. This type of admission is common in professional golfing events.

E-tickets - E-delivery and e-tix are commonly used names for electronically delivered files which are printed out and brought to the event for admission. Please note that the name on the tickets will not be your name. The printed name reflects that of the original purchaser. The tickets are entirely transferrable and guaranteed to be valid for admission.

Flash Seats - This is a type of ticketing whereby admission is granted through the scanning of a credit card or driver's license which has the seat information electronically encoded onto it. The documents onto which the tickets are encoded are scanned at the venue to allow entry.

General Admission Ticket (GA) - This type of ticket allows the holder to access standing room at the venue. Many events are purely general admission and thus there are no specifically reserved seats.

Grounds Admission Pass/Grounds - This is a term used to refer to general admission tickets for certain professional golfing events.

Hard Tickets - A hard ticket refers to a "hard stock" ticket which is usually printed on thin cardboard. They typically resemble a bookmark in size and flexibility.

In Hand - This specifies when the tickets are estimated to be in the physical possession of the seller. If the tickets are already listed as "in hand", it is more than likely that these tickets are ready to be shipped.

Lawn - A general admission, standing room only area in an outdoor venue is often referred to as the lawn.

Limited View - See "Obstructed View".

Obstructed View/OBV/Limited View/LV/Restricted View- If a ticket listing has this information indicated in the descriptive notes, then the seats may have some type of obstruction which prevents a complete viewing of the event. Any listing for seats of this type must include such information in the descriptive notes.

Paperless Tickets - Paperless tickets specify that admission to an event will be granted upon presenting the credit card used to originally purchase the tickets on the primary market. Since a Slicktickets.com customer would be placing their order on the secondary market, they must access this credit card in one of two ways:

1) A meet and greet would be coordinated between a representative of the seller company and the customer by a Vivid Seats customer service agent. The representative would escort the customer into the venue.

2) A gift card would be used by the seller to purchase the tickets on the primary market. The seller will then ship this card to the customer via FedEx. The customer would bring this card to the venue for their own admission.

*Please note that as for any tickets which cannot ship via FedEx, orders for paperless tickets will incur the $14.95 Special Delivery fee and may require the completion and submission of authorization paperwork.

Pass - Listings of this type are often for tickets which do not grant admission to events, but rather, provide access to services which complement the event. VIP/Club access, parking, and tailgating passes are the most common types of these passes. Please note that GROUNDS passes for professional golfing events do grant event admission to their holders.

Piggybacked Seats - This refers to a set of seats which are located in front of each other as opposed to side by side. For example, if you see a listing for a set of four tickets which are labeled as piggy backed, this means that there are two side by side seats located immediately in the row in front of or behind another pair of side by side seats.

Reserved Seating - This type of seating specifies that there is one specifically coded ticket for each seat in the venue. This differs from General Admission which is first-come first-served.

Restricted View - See "Obstructed View"

Sell High to Low (Theater)- This indicates that the seller has an allotment of tickets that in most cases includes a seat on the aisle. For example, if a pair is ordered out of a set of eight tickets, the seller will send the pair furthest away from the aisle.

Shoots Twice - For hockey games, this indicates that the seats have a good perspective of the goal upon which a given team will be attacking for two periods of the game.

SRO - This stands for "standing room only". Standing room only tickets do not provide a customer with seats. They simply grant admission to the event in an area without seats. The precise location of a standing room section varies from event to event and thus it is recommended that one research the location of this area. Our experienced customer service staff is ready to assist you with this research.

X - Pack - sets of three or more tickets are typically referred to as "packs". For example a set of five tickets would be called a five-pack.

Will Call - This is a last minute delivery service involving the seller delivering the tickets directly to the venue's box office for convenient day-of-event pickup.

Zone Section Seating - Certain events have listings for general seating zones of a venue as opposed to specific sections and rows. These "zones" will cover a number of similar sections within a venue. This type of seating is common in international soccer matches where a venue's seats are commonly separated into three categories: A, B, and C. They are alphabetically presented in the order of most desirable (pricier) to least desirable (more economical).

Common Industry Terms

Authorization Form - A Slicktickets.com credit card authorization form is a one page document which must be printed and completed by hand in ink. The purpose of this document is to ensure that the ticket transaction is authorized by the credit card holder. The completion of an authorization form is a time sensitive matter as tickets are subject to availability and cannot be placed on hold indefinitely.

Face Value - The face value of the ticket is the price indicated on the ticket itself. As SlickTickets.com operates on the secondary market, tickets sold through our website will often be above face value.

Market Value - The market value of a ticket is the price which a secondary market seller has established based on what they believe the ticket to be worth at a specific time. Unlike the face value of a ticket which remains fixed, the market value can change over time in response to the popularity or unpopularity of its particular event.

National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB) - This organization was established primarily to represent ticket resellers who strive to improve the industry by adhering to the highest ethical standards and making transparent the processes involved in making tickets available to consumers well after the event has sold out on the primary market.

Service Fee - A service fee, otherwise known as a "convenience fee" or "handling fee," is a charge which is factored into the order total. This fee covers the operational costs of a business that facilitates product transactions. Although our service fee may at times seem high in comparison to those of other websites, our total, final price will typically be lower, especially as compared to other full service providers.

Ticket Marketplace - Slicktickets.com is a ticket marketplace. As such, we provide a convenient service for licensed ticket sellers to present their inventories to the online community. This in turn offers our customers access to a large number of frequently updated listings at great prices.

Venue - Venues are sites where events take place. Arenas, baseball fields, stadiums, theaters, and concert halls are the main types of venues for ticketed events.


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